Welcome to Favorite Movie Friday, where I rant and rave about my faovrite movies! Now, these movies may not all be good, but I love them all anyway. So there!

This week, we start with a guilty pleasure…

Jurassic Park 3

My Summary:
This movie is awesome and ridiculous. The premise is that the child of a divorced couple is accidently stranded on Isla Sorna, the OTHER dinosaur island. The couple then recruits/tricks Dr. Alan Grant and his assistant Billy to act as their guides on the island. Chaos ensues, but don’t worry. All the good guys live happily ever after. Also, there are dinosaurs and stuff.

Why I Like It:
What’s not to like? There’s a ridiculous plot, dinosaurs, homosexual subtext (if you’re wearing you’re slash goggles), and dinosaurs. It’s kind of the perfect movie. The velociraptors actually talk to eachother! And they sound like chainsaws!

This movie may not be anywhere near as good as the original Jurassic Park, or actually any good at all, but it’s like a B-movie with good special effects. It’s campy and ridiculous and fun, but it has a budget behind it and some decent acting. Overall, this is the perfect movie to watch and laugh at/with. Because there is no way that this movie is serious. I mean…there’s a bit where a dinosaur speaks english! Seriously… It’s hilarious.

If you haven’t seen Jurassic Park 3, or really missing out. It’s not good, like the first movie, but it’s not bad like the second. It’s takes the craziness of the second movie (T-Rex in San Diego?) and runs with it, making the dinosaurs bigger and the stakes a lot smaller.

I don’t know what else to say except for…I love this movie and highly recommend it, but not in the way that people usually recommend movies. If you want something good and critically acclaimed, watch Jurassic Park. If you want something more fun and crazy, watch Jurassic Park 3. Also, never watch Jurassic Park 2, because it’s terrible.


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  1. serafina20 says:

    I agree with everything.

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